Tuesday, June 7, 2011

22/52 Bea at the River

Bea loves the water.  I shot this right before she leaped into the river.  She will stand on the bank then suddenly launch herself into the air and splash in the water.  She swims around, climbs back up and does it again and again.  It is the funniest thing I have seen in a long while. 

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I was happy with this shot, but I wish I could have gotten it without the grass stem in front of her face.  Oh well....

Earlier in the week I got some sweet shots of Bea swimming in the pond. 

I have found the trick to getting the reflection is the angle of light.  This was shot in the late afternoon with an overcast sky, the sun had dipped below the cloud cover on its way down to the horizon - casting a lovely glow, lighting up the eyes. 

The bright light also lights up the splash, but the reflection of the clouds in the water keeps it from being overblown and washed out - providing a nice contrast.

The only post processing I did on these shots were quick crops.  That is the lovely thing about this type of lighting....perfection.

It helps when you have a perfectly adorable subject too.